The Meomek Halev Association through the "Shema Koli" project, has been dealing for 14 years with the dedicated rehabilitation of young women at risk and young women suffering abuse, exploitation and trauma. We provide emotional assistance to girls, by social workers and professionals, support groups and workshops with warmth and love. We provide a warm home for girls who have been thrown into the street destitute, or were ejected from broken families. We encourage and assist the rehabilitated girls to integrate into meaningful volunteer work in society, and direct them to growth in vocational training and academic studies.

Many are the girls who grow up without a supportive environment and therefore find their future on the squares and streets and from there descend into the world of crime.

We have decided to take a step forward and open a warm home for girls over the age of 17, believing that every girl who is given the opportunity will be able to build a way of life for herself according to her spirit and talents. To this end, a team has been trained to provide an answer to the girls both with emotional accompaniment, and with counseling and guidance for professional studies, and finding suitable jobs.

The girls live in apartments that we rented for them in central Jerusalem. Each apartment has a counselor and four times a week girls meet for Torah classes and festive events.

At "Meomek Halev", the attitude toward each girl is as if she were the only one in the world.

The process how we deal with the girls is to build their self-worth, prepare them for life and give them the chance and the possibility to live their lives as meaningful girls and women with self-esteem.

All this can be done by giving them education, vocational training, completion of certificates and completion of learning gaps of years they spent on the streets.

As part of our activities, we strengthen their capabilities to overcome difficulties, giving them all the tools necessary so that they can integrate into a normative society.

We prepare them to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and to choose by themselves their way of life.

As part of the project, there are currently 4 fully equipped apartments in the center of Jerusalem, and the investment bears fruit. The houses contain 30 girls all of whom we have found jobs for or they have been accepted for vocational training and are no longer walking the streets. We plan to establish an emergency shelter for absorption of girls in S.O.S. situations. The shelter will be established on the first floor of the association's compound at 13 Shammai Street in Jerusalem.

Right now, many girls are knocking and asking to be accepted into the warm home of Me'omek Halev. Unfortunately, we are forced to reject them due to lack of funds to rent more apartments.

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