Recently, we came to the conclusion that the dormitories and the professionalassistance we provide are limited in quantity and can not cope with and provide asolution for so many homeless girls in the streets, so we came up with an idea foranother solution to the problem: We decided to set up a "shelter home," a home thatcould provide immediate shelter and emergency care for the girls for only two months. During this period the girls stay in the shelter while we provide all their needs.During this time, our professional staff stabilizes them, finds suitable jobs or asuitable learning framework, and focuses on finding jobs or institutions outsidethe problematic neighborhoods. While they are in the shelter, professionals andpsychologists analyze their situation and build a unique treatment plan for eachgirl at her next stop.

We are different compared to other org. involved in the field, since a girl who arrivesfrom the street and is located, (our location in the city center is very accessible andimmediate to girls) immediately receives her basic needs like a shelter for lodging andfood, tools for life, support, and guidance, until she is integrated into the regular socialand occupational systems, and we accompany the progress of the girl (in the warmhomes we operate today). This is in contrast to other bodies/ associations that providea response in relatively partial areas: transferring the girl to another framework thatmeets another need, and often the transition between one framework and the nextloses a considerable part of the achievements of the previous framework.The place simultaneously combines both active rehabilitative support and a home-likefamily framework.

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